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DL Guard

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You can secure your website sales by creating a secure sales link which will help you avoid people skipping the payment systems of your site. DLGuard will validate that a payment is made. It will then allow your customer to move to the secure download area.

With DLGuard you can create membership sites. It can be a free or paid membership. DLGuard is a tool which will allow you facilitate this. DLGuard will help you with automatic sign-ups, protected download links, and help you run your sales website. Membership sites can be very lucrative, and can provide a great income stream to its owner. DLGuard helps you quickly, easily and securely set this type of site up. You can use this on your blogs and forums.

DLGuard can create a secure shopping cart system on your website which will assure your website security. This allows your customers have a choice as to what they order, order a number of items through one transactions. This is great if you have a large eCommerce site with many products. You can integrate your payment system with your shopping cart easily.

DLGuard will create secure download links for your customers to download their digital product after purchase. This will allow you set up a time limit on the download link, it will help you limit the amount of times someone uses the link. This will help you eliminate things like download link sharing which is a source of loss for many eCommerce businesses.

With DLGuard you can create Promotional coupons whereby you can give a discount to certain customers by using a coupon code at purchase. This is going to help you increase and drive sales.

DLGuard is very easy to customize and use. You will be given a number of templates which you can easily customize and tailor to you individual needs. You simply upload the DLGuard script to your website.

DLGuard is fully integrated with PayPal, ClickBank, Ebay, and loads of more technologies.

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Other Technology Security Tips

Website Security

Not having proper protection will put you at risk of being targeted. So many people think they were using proper protection but ended up learning their protection wasn’t near the level it should be. For example the common antivirus used is McAfee which only uses a 82.2% detection rate and also ranked 4th on essentially the most effective security and safety. With nearly 30,000 new viruses entering the internet every day according to the FCC newest reports 82.2% just isn’t going be very effective.

Even before you think about setting up any online venture it essential that you have to do your homework first. Unfortunately there a variety of people around today who are willing to make an attempt for your money. By carrying out some detailed research before you purchase determine just which opportunities are real and which are just not good enough.

When you build a website, the security for that site is imperative. You must be sure that you can ensure that you have the best possible security. Protecting your site is very important online and this tool makes it easy for anyone to have good website security, even if you have no experience working on internet security.

Internet Security

Internet security is exceptionally critical and is really should be for those who have a kid using the web. Web might be really harmful for youngsters. The youngster should be explained as to why their personal information shouldn’t be revealed to everyone on the web. Sometimes young children unknowingly share their personal particulars with strangers or on a web-site. This could be extremely damaging. This is certainly one of the causes why net security is so important.

Everyone should be conscious of their online security. As almost everything is possible on the internet, danger and fraud aren’t any exception. What? You didn’t know that being online can put you in danger? It can! And the more you become aware of this fact, the more you can protect yourself. As it’s almost impossible not to use the computer these days, the best thing to do is just be on your guard at all times. In this article, we will talk about one of the ways on how you can be more secure when surfing the net.

How much do you know about online security protocols? Yeah, me either. I do know, however, that my bank slaps an https at the beginning of its URL to let me know it’s safe to do business. There’s a lot I could tell you about online encryption codes and the technicalities that go into keeping your personal information away from the eyes of prying hackers, but what it really all boils down to is making sure that “HTTPS” is at the beginning of any site asking you to fill out a form when you’re shopping for insurance quotes online.

Always use PayPal. In the event that something goes wrong with a transaction, your chance of getting a refund is greatest if you shop with PayPal. A debit card only comes a poor second. If you pay using a wire transfer or money order, chances are very small that you will ever get your money back if you are dissatisfied with the product. In fact, with transactions such as these, the risk is high that you won’t even receive your product at all.

Protect Your Computer

If your computer or laptop is connected to internet, you should protect your PC from internet threats by running security software’s like anti spyware, antivirus, firewall or internet security computer program. It’s a must and ought to for the protection of PC against all harmful PC threats.

Setting your access ability to administrator also helps to protect you from the unwanted user. We see it happen every day on the news and in the newspapers, Identity theft is high. Hackers are easily accessing credit card numbers as well as other info. As easy as it seems to be for hackers to access credit card numbers, it is just as easy to obtain user identities as well as passwords.

If your browser is totally up-to-date, check to be sure that plug-ins that are commonly used are up to date as well. Among common plug-in for websites are things like ActiveX and Flash. You may see a message on the website to update the plug-in or you might manually update these by visiting the websites and downloading the offending applications to update or install the plug-ins. Firefox offers a plug-in check page here as well to get ideas for what may be causing the problem.

The second important type of computer security software you should have is a firewall. I know what you will say. “But Windows already has a firewall. Do I need another one?” Yes, and Zone alarm is highly recommended. I have been using it fora long time and it really works.


When dealing with customer emails the best way to handle customer e-mails is with a contact form, a form that hides your e-mail address from potential hackers. Yes, I know, many spammers could probably use your domain name and figure out an email address from it, use it in the same way, and cause damage. Unfortunately, there is only so much one can do.


What is spyware? Spyware is like an application that gathers data from your Windows machine. Some spyware acts like a real program that you install, and this is very unfortunate because spyware authors are becoming very sophisticated in their gimmickry and attacks. Starting from scratch by reformatting the PC is the only real answer for a lot of Windows experts. Spyware is something we need to be aware of when it comes to website security.


In conclusion, it is not difficult for us to strengthen our online security and assure website security if we put in a little effort and change our password on a regular basis and use different password for our online accounts. We just need to be more organized.